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Date 15/10/2013
By Clare
Subject Kats bulgar sword

Very nice workmanship, good quality, excellent weighting and nice wooden hilt. Made an extra effort to make sure it looked perfect and was delivered in person at an event too. Thank you!

Date 26/09/2011
By Girl21hübsch
Subject ..

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Date 24/08/2011
By Clew
Subject Stay Away!

We're still owed £500 worth of kit ordered last year. We have attempted to contact Mr Dukes about a refund, or getting the rest of our stuff, and he has proved impossible to contact, and clearly unwilling to help.

Date 01/06/2011
By Marcai
Subject Arrows!

Just want to send my absolubte adoration for making the best arrows we've seen at LT since Arrowkaster stopped trading. One of the many things that made my event! Hope you stick em on your product list so you get plenty of people knowing you're in the business of selling em.


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