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Steel helmet with brass, leather and moulded solid rubber detailing. Inspired by the armour of the rohirrim in the lord of the rings films, would be good for theatrical use or sca/larp or even some re-enactment, great for a dark age saxon/norse/viking type of character. Individually hand made, so details vary, unless specified otherwise the item will be as close to the above pictured sample as possible; but you can specify any particular design you like, most will not incur extra cost (colours, moulded details, shape of cheekplates etc) but having say a chainmail or even plate aventail obviously will! simply ask, and we will tell you if your design is any extra. Fitted with a padded liner, will comfortably fit most heads but if yours is unusually small or large let us know. We also sell chainmail, ringmail, armour and vambraces and weapons to complete the look!

£85 each


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